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Is your Workplace ready for the return to work?

There is no getting away from the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and will continue to have on day-to-day life. Everyone has been affected by the outbreak and following the announced government lockdown, the landscape of the workplace has and will continue to evolve. This is particularly the case as business owners take stock and look how they can re-introduce staff to the workplace safely whilst alleviating any fears the team may have.

As experts in workplace design and fit out DSP (Interiors) Ltd are here to help you adapt to these challenges


Balancing the safety of staff and visitors with the benefits of increased productivity, collaboration, and ergonomically designed workspaces

One of the key drivers from the government has been to encourage as many people as possible to work from home and help maintain the 2m social distancing guidelines. Whilst some have embraced the opportunity to work from home, for many workers this has presented numerous barriers to overcome; finding a safe and practical space to work from at home, child care whilst Schools are closed for most Children, work-life balance, social isolation, taking care of mental wellbeing and anxiety to name a few.

Read on to see how we can reap the benefits of the workplace whilst mitigate the risk of spread of infection.


Key entry points & circulation

High traffic areas and spaces that host outside visitors will be of particular risk of contamination from both airborne spread and via transfer from surfaces. Key mitigating strategies to consider will be:


Mitigating hazards through careful space planning and strategies

Our multi award winning designers will provide space planning options to mitigate hazards, taking into consideration the most cost effective, yet safe approach.


Creating a safe and healthy environment

Our designers can incorporate methods to increase the healthiness off your workplace


Time to re-think communal support spaces

The capacity of support spaces may need to be reduced or the layout carefully considered to ensure maintaining of the 2M distance rule.


Delivering COVID-19 compliant workplaces

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