Factories of the Future


Factories of the Future

Manufacturing has evolved rapidly over the centuries from a people-focused approach through to machine reliant assembly lines and on to the highly automated factories we see today.

As modern manufacturing techniques evolve, there is pressure on UK manufacturers to adapt and become more agile to maintain international competitiveness and promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

DSP (Interiors) Ltd are at the forefront of helping manufacturing companies adopt the latest practices in order to implement intelligent and sustainable processes and enhance production.


What is the Factory of the Future?

Factories of the future are future-oriented manufacturing companies that make creative, optimised use of available materials and energy and adopt innovative business models that focus on empowering employees.

As a result, its products are able to respond flexibly to increasingly specific customer needs and often have a high added value. Going forward, future-oriented manufacturing companies are set to drive flexibility, customisation, and product innovation.

Our Approach

DSP (Interiors) Ltd works in partnership with the client to design and develop machine layouts and workflows that will accommodate the best processes and achieve the most cost-effective production.

This will also enable them to scale up production rapidly to cope with future demand.

Workspaces are designed to be agile, modular and flexible to enable the client to adapt quickly to future needs and the diversification of products.

How DSP (Interiors) can help you achieve Factories of the Future

Our skilled and experienced In-house design team has a proven track record of delivering factories of the future for a broad range of clients.

Qualified In-House Design Team

We have a qualified In-house design team with experience and a proven track record of delivering factories of the future across a diverse range of sectors.

We also offer full project accountability including design and fit out of all necessary mechanical and electrical systems including dehumidification if required.

Experts in Workflows Processes and Efficiencies

Our team of specialists work closely with clients to enable them to analyse and develop the best workflows, processes and efficiencies and create a solid brief which will inform the design process.

Expertise in Building Specification

Our dedicated team will collaborate with the client to specify the most appropriate building elements, fixtures, and fittings, taking into consideration elements such as fire safety, acoustics, and structure.


We also assist clients with compliance of cleanroom and hygienic standards. We also provide controlled environments for sensitive products such as controlling UV light, electrostatic, temperature and humidity.


Want to find out more about Factories of the Future?

Want to see an example of how we have helped a progressive client develop a factory of the future? Check out our recent fit-out for our long-standing client, SureScreen Diagnostics HQ in Annesley, Nottinghamshire.

To find out more about our expertise in helping manufacturing companies implement intelligent and sustainable processes and enhance production, call the team at DSP (Interiors) on 01332 291 617 or email sales@dsp-solutions.co.uk



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