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Commercial and office storage systems don’t have to be mundane – and they don’t have to detract from your workspace design. We can integrate storage into our fit outs seamlessly, even making them part of the walls with wall storage furniture, incorporating wall graphics and company branding. Embrace commercial and office storage, making storage a functional and aesthetic part of your workplace design and fit out.

Whether you’re looking for industrial or commercial storage systems, warehouse shelves, pallet racks or office storage units, we have you covered.


Practical and durable office storage units and shelving solutions for your business

From stock and machinery to paperwork and company files, there’s so much in a business that needs to be stored. Whether it’s to keep data protected and confidential, or to keep objects safe from thieves, commercial and office storage is crucial to business functionality.

We can supply and install an extensive range of office storage furniture and storage systems including pallet racking, longspan shelving, desk drawers and industrial workbenches. Whether you are an industrial warehouse, a retail high street shop or a bustling city office, we have the most convenient and suitable office storage furniture for you.


Innovative storage will save you space

We will help you maximise your space quickly and easily. We can provide you with integrated wall storage in offices reducing floor space usage as well as multi-tier shelving floors to maximise your vertical space. If you are tight on floor space and have a lot of archive storage then mobile shelving might be the answer. Additionally, we provide APR (adjustable pallet racking), as well as shelving systems for your warehouse or storage building so that you can easily store a variety of different items.


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“KTM UK’s demands of the new building were high, but DSP Interior’s execution and MEPC’s liaison meant that we moved into an inspiring space. Having spent just over a year in the building, we know that it works well for us – but it’s good to know that the judges think that it’s worthy of this award, too.”
Matt Walker
KTM UK Managing Director

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