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Poorly designed offices can have a big impact on your employees, which means less motivation and an unhappy team. Numerous studies have found that productivity in the workplace can be directly linked to office design – meaning as an employer, you could be affecting your own business.

Our experienced team are well versed in working with our clients, setting them at ease about expressing their thoughts, concerns, or ideas, and make sure that their voice is heard. Work with your staff and see what ideas they have, after all they will be using the space and are your most valuable asset.


Our approach

Our simple step by step creative process for ensuring the perfect workplace

Our team explore office design ideas and office space planning with you to identify the best solution. Working in close collaboration, we can provide the personalisedcare you need.


Think new, with unique office design ideas

Your office should be unique to your company needs, making the space efficient, comfortable and practical for everyone.

Our workplace analysis will consider what is and isn’t working, how to maximise space, and create an appropriate decor that fits your requirements.

Having worked on a number of different office designs, nothing is too big or too small for our designers. By determining your wish list before we start planning, we ensure we are able to meet those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.



"Showcasing Robinson Structures expertise was paramount to our vision for the interior design of the building. Following our initial consultation with Andy and the team we were inspired by their design ideas which included Agile working spaces and bespoke features. DSP shared our enthusiasm to create a contemporary, industrial style finish using natural concrete floors, exposed portal frame and highlighting exposed M&E services. Throughout the project we were impressed with their attention to design detail and craftsmanship by their onsite teams.”
Steve Robinson
Managing Director, Robinson Structures Ltd

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