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Adapting your workspace to accommodate the challenges of COVID-19

There is no getting away from the impact that the spread of the COVID-19 virus has had and will continue to have on day-to-day life. Everyone has been affected by the outbreak and following the announced government lockdown, the landscape of the workplace has and will continue to evolve. This is particularly the case as business owners take stock and look how they can re-introduce staff to the workplace safely and within the regularly changing social distancing guidelines.

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The digital workplace of the future

Technologies impact on office design and presentation Currently we are seeing the beginning of the transformation from traditional offices to smart offices. This means that we are being introduced to increasingly advanced software that enables our businesses to dramatically increase productivity and quality. Within the design industry, an example of this would be the latest

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Behind-the-scenes of the design process

What do interior designers do? A day in the life of an interior designer involves a combination of skills in creativity, technical drawing, managing budgets and visualisation. In order to produce a high-quality and structured design process like the one described below, the designer must make sure their creation is tailored to their clients taste

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Work Continues to Soar at Eagle Park

Work begins on site for PQS Survey Ltd DSP (Interiors) Ltd are thrilled to have been appointed principal Designer, Principle Contractor for yet another new commercial business unit situated on Eagle Park, Alfreton Road, Derby. The area has undergone vast development in recent years with numerous speculative unit shells being constructed and brought to the

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Nutrivitality; Work begins!

A quarter of a million bottles a day!! Work is well underway in the first stages of the fit out of Unit 17 Eagle Park to create state of the art production facilities for Nutrivitality, part of parent Group SureScreen Diagnostics Ltd. The new facilities will allow Nutrivitality to produce a whopping quarter of a

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The Appeal of the Modern Office

Making your offices work for you For a number of reasons, including a growing emphasis on wellness in the workplace and low productivity, standards of office spaces have come a long way in recent years. Rows of dark and dingy offices with poor air quality are making way for bright modern sustainable workspaces that inspire

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Styling your Business Reception Area

Making the most of your first impression For many businesses, having a reception area is a necessity. As well as setting the tone for the rest of the building, a receptionist requires a station from which they can greet visitors and direct them accordingly. Although it’s important to have a warm and friendly individual at

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A Guide To Optimal Office Space Planning

Planning your Office Refurbishment If you’re thinking of undergoing an office refurbishment, making the most of your space is essential. A poorly designed office space can be detrimental to your business as it can affect employee satisfaction and wellbeing, individual and team productivity and can even have a negative impact on attendance. The working week

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Office design trends to look out for in 2019

Experience rooms With long working days and busy schedules, it’s no surprise that employers are looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction in the workplace. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce! For this reason, we’re set to see a rise in ‘experience’ rooms in offices and other professional environments to give team

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Collaboration in the Workplace

Designing Offices that foster Collaboration and support Agile working Introduction With greater freedom offered by modern technology and a paradigm shift from the archetypal office layout; companies are re-evaluating how well their current Offices are functioning. An increased awareness of modern Agile working is influencing the way we design our office spaces, allowing staff to

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Improving productivity in the workplace; Biophilia

Want to improve Productivity in your Offices? Start incorporating Biophilic Design Biophilia is our inherent affinity with the natural world; biophilic design incorporates this connection we have with nature into the workplace. The impact of this is proven to reduce stress, increase creativity and inspire innovation. Rapid global urbanisation is dramatically damaging our relationship with

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