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As an office furniture supplier, we believe, when you are updating your office desks, office seating or any other office furniture, it is not just for improved comfort and better ergonomics. By modernising your furniture at work, you can also create an environment that is attractive, increases productivity, improves employee morale and provides a visual impact in your workplace.

Cocoons, poseur collaboration tables, media booths, phone enclosures are all supporting agile working by providing places for focused work, places for collaboration, places for creative work and everything in between.


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Furniture at work such as office desks and office seating has come a long way since the be-all and end-all were who had the biggest workstations in the office. Large bulky office desks are being made redundant due to the expensive floor space they take up and a shift away from the archetypal office cubicle layout. In fact, many companies are finding a large percentage of office desks are sat unoccupied for the majority of the day.

This has led to a rise in practices such as ‘hot desking’ but more importantly ‘agile’ working.


Using office seating that help to support posture as part of a wider ecosystem

If you’ve been searching for ‘office furniture near me’, you might find yourself inundated with bland, cheap and outdated office desks. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We can help you to find furniture suited for your workplace which will seamlessly integrate into your office space to provide beautiful aesthetics and help improve productivity.



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"Having purchased a building that had the potential to meet the future needs of Newtons4th, we wanted to fit out the new facility in a way that would both meet our practical needs and provide a visual impact in keeping with our business. DSP were able to introduce ideas and subsequent planning to the efficient implementation of work and a keen attention to detail.

DSP excelled.”
Stuart Chappel
Newtons 4th Ltd

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