Styling your Business Reception Area

March 14, 2019

Styling your Business Reception Area

Making the most of your first impression

For many businesses, having a reception area is a necessity. As well as setting the tone for the rest of the building, a receptionist requires a station from which they can greet visitors and direct them accordingly. Although it’s important to have a warm and friendly individual at reception to welcome clients and customers, it’s also crucial for the reception area itself to be inviting.

A first impression can make or break a business relationship and with this in mind, it’s important to create a reception area that makes the correct statement. Although your design approach will largely depend on the nature of your business, we’ve listed a few popular design options to help you build a reception area that boasts that ‘wow’ factor.

Simple yet stylish

When it comes to decor, sometimes less is more and opting for a simple design can often be quite effective. A neutral colour scheme is likely to have a calming effect on visitors, which could be ideal for a dentist waiting room or doctors surgery. Also, busy patterns and an excess of clutter can often look chaotic and untidy, so why not go for simple designs and a clutter-free desk to make your reception area look neat and presentable? If you’re worried about the space looking plain, add some indoor plants to inject a subtle bit of colour into the room.

Simple uncluttered Receptions are welcoming for clients

Warm & Welcoming

Perhaps you’d like to make your guests feel at ease, in which case, a warm and welcoming environment is needed. We’ve all had the experience of nervously waiting to interview for a job in a reception area, so why not make your room homely to help your guests relax? From warm colours and cushioned furniture to potted plants and fun rugs, there are many domestic touches you can add to your reception area to make visitors feel calm and comfortable.

Create a warm welcome

Bold and bright

For some, a reception area is all about making a lasting impact, and what better way to do so than to opt for bold and bright furnishings? If you’ve got a brightly coloured company logo, print it proudly on the wall behind the reception desk to firmly establish your identity. Unconventional furniture and zany wallpaper will also illustrate your creativity to potential clients or investors. Whatever your business ethos is, it’s important that it’s well represented by your reception area so that visitors know exactly what you’re all about.

Make a statement with your reception

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