Resimercial Office Design; Making you Feel at Home at Work

August 20, 2019

Resimercial Office Design; Making you Feel at Home at Work

Growing adoption of Resimercial design

In recent years we are seeing more clients adopt workplace designs that combine the warmth of home interiors within the functionality of the office space. Born from a fusion of a move away from cellular corporate offices, the adoption of home working and more recently the co-working coffee bar work culture; ‘Resimercial’ has gained in popularity.

This Resimercial style allows employees to feel more relaxed within their workplace, increasing productivity and creating a healthier and happier working environment. The fluid nature and informal atmosphere that this design creates, provides a multi-functional space where employees can thrive and collaborate, but can also have breaks and down-time when needed.

As a development of the agile work cafe culture which has become a must for offices in recent years, Resimercial interiors adopts the ethos of residential design; providing a variety of spaces that support a variety of functions, both semi formal and relaxed. From an aesthetics point of view the careful inclusion of softer more homely fixtures, fittings and finishes helps create a more relaxed and welcoming environment whilst still reflecting the company culture and branding.

Robinson Structures
Relaxed spaces for co working incorporating biophilic features

Resimercial design is perfectly aligned to staff who prefer the sound of working from home, or who are appealed by working in a more flexible workplace, as Resimercial design blurs the lines between home and work. The way people chose to work nowadays has changed dramatically since the more traditional office layout of individual desks and computers. People now want to socialise and make connections within their work lives with their work friends; therefore this idea of relaxed, informal working is tailored to today’s work lifestyle perfectly. As discussed in previous blogs graduates leaving University come to expect a high level of workplace design, flexibility and choice; to attract and retain the best talent companies are increasingly investing in the quality of the workplace.

Consequently this means that resimercial design is akin to the newest generation of designers, who want to be even more unconventional in the way they work. Therefore the idea of a multi-functional space where both collaboration and relaxation can take place, is very much ‘En Vogue’. Additionally, this style of office design is not only going to motivate existing workers, but will encourage more of the newest generation to aspire to work at one of these companies that has a more modern attitude to work culture.

The appeal of agile working

Remaining on the topic of resimercial design, more agile work areas that present a more innovation hub/ work cafe feel, also give employees physical benefits. In comparison with being at a regular desk all hours of the day, these flexible work spaces are much better for employee: posture, due to improved ergonomics, health, well-being, morale and productivity. Because of this productivity increases alongside comfort, as employees become more passionate about their work, not having to worry about the negative impacts of stereotypical office working conditions.

We believe agile working conditions are crucial to every modern office design and this is evident just from its definition. Agile working is office design that incorporates a range of flexible spaces, providing work space options for staff and encouraging team collaboration. This provides staff with the freedom to work the way they want, which encourages engagement within work.

Resimercial design; including homely furnishings, fixtures & finishes within commercial workplace design

Co-working, a driver for Resimercial Interiors

Another one of the latest trend when it comes to working in flexible work spaces is co-working. Co-working includes self-employed, start up companies or people who would normally work from home renting shared office space. Co working spaces allow these workers to use the same working environment in order to share ideas, equipment and knowledge in a more professional setting. This provides workers with a focused atmosphere that motivates and engages people in their work.

Resimercial design is perfect for co working offices, balancing the formality of professionalism with an environment that creates a more welcoming atmosphere. The added benefit of shared resources, collaboration and cross pollination has seen a massive growth in the co working office market.

Resmercial design; the prefect fit for the rise of the co working office space culture

Co-working offers a better work life balance for those who want to be surrounded by other hard-working professionals, as you are working by yourself however you are not alone so don’t feel isolated. Some other opportunities that arise due to these co-working spaces is the chance to hire or be hired, the chance to find new clients on the job and grow your income and finally, if not anything else, you’ll find talent and people to work alongside.

Similarly to agile working conditions in offices, co-working conditions are healthier, as you have no temptations form your fridge at home and also its a happier, more positive environment to be surrounded by. Therefore, making this better for your well-being as it reduces isolation and thus boosts self-confidence.

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